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The Forward Counter came about during my search for news about the aftermath of the 2020 election. Despite a litany of irregularities that played out in real-time on election night, corporate media covered the swing states as though a frenzy of absentee and mail-in voting with lax controls in key swing states was normal.

This wasn’t normal.

The more I looked around, the more I realized that Americans need to pay more attention to how we vote, and how we count the votes if this exercise in self-governance is going to work.

When large majorities of polls show voters don’t trust election results in key swing states, or see evidence of ballot fraud where they voted, trust in government frays.

This newsletter is a response to that: it’s a weekly roundup curating news of audits, ongoing civil suits over the election, plus updates on voter ID legislation in states, efforts in Congress to federalize elections, and the politics of it all.

A paid version provides three updates each week with analysis about economics, culture, media trends and ideas about the politics of the vote.

The podcast launches in December of 2021.

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